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8.1.20 Update

Hello lovely subscribers and welcome to all those who have recently subscribed to my site! It’s been almost a month since my last blog posting, apologies. While I don’t have a new story up for you just yet I wanted to take a minute and discuss some new and upcoming features to the site. 

You are now able to enlarge the images on the headstone search. In the coming weeks, a surprising new feature will be revealed. You’ll feel as though you are right there. A couple other coming soon features include a PDF of the map used with section letters so specific individuals/families may be easier to find and a link on each individual’s page to read their story if one has been written. 

Currently, I am working in three other cemeteries to further my research on my Master’s thesis, they will be added as completed. Special thank you to Patricia Redfearn of Grand Prairie and Lori Jadick of Denton County for the opportunities and introductions to the new cemeteries. 

They Walked Among Us is a work in progress, I appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback as I strive to build this site into something remarkable and helpful to many.



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